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| Friday, February 04, 2005

Hacken Lee and Joey Chun Leung Wing was recording the second episode of Cruel Ring of the Bell (literally translated) which will be broadcast on 12 Feb as Andy Lau was invited as guest compere and judge as it's rather comical when the 3 come together. The recording was smooth and full of atmosphere. The 6-years-old winner leave a deep impression in Andy.

There are a total of 9 contestants including the winner of the first episode, the age of the contestants range from 6 - 49 years old.

When Andy see a pair of 15-years-old girls wearing mini-skirt with stockings, dancing and kicking their legs thus revealing their undies to sing 'Nu Ren Wei' could last only 61 seconds. Andy exclaim that they kicked too low during their performance, the girls then exclaimed that they'll demostrate immediately again but Andy shouted: "It'll be bad for the new year?!" as he immediately ask the girls to kick without facing towards him, the audience burst into laughters.

With regards to the 49-years-old contestant whom really knows how to snatch the limelight as he show off his wulin skill - Xiao Li Fei Dao, unexpectedly he threw out a plastic dagger toward the shocking audience, however a steady Andy keep anticpating him to throw another "flying dagger" but after 49 seconds still no dagger thus he had to be knock out by the bell.

The 6-years-old boy sang Joey Yung song - Used to Lovelorn and last for 71 seconds beating first episode's winner to become the eventual winner. Andy asked him: "Since you're only 6-years-old, so do you really know what is lovelorn? And how you get used to it?" The boy answer: "When a man and woman separate, it's lovelorn." Andy asks: "It's aren't really correct, as it's breakup and not lovelorn, you're so young thus doesn't what is relationship so why you chose this song?" Unexpectedly the boy rebulked: "I'm just here to sing for fun!" For atmosphere effect, Andy replies: "If you told me earlier, how could I give you 71 seconds!", as the audience burst into laugthers. Andy praise the boy's performance is steady and refreshing.

Although becoming the winner, the 6-years-old boy had to recieve a Ken Ken dance congratulation from sexy female dancer, the boy was stun and embarrassing as he's unsure where his eyes should look. On seeing what's the boy is suffering, Andy quipped: "He still has to suffer such treatment although he won, actually the most cruel is what the winner has to suffer."

After the recording, when interviewed Andy says: "This programme is exciting, I suggest they carry on, example they could look for dancer or cheering team, I do feel it's not cruelbeing ring by someone, most cruel is when the boy won, the whole group of female dancer whom wore mini-skirt dance Ken Ken dance infront of him, making him at a lost, I don't like that part, it's like forcing the boy into the world."

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