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| Thursday, February 03, 2005

A Hong Kong version of American Idol by TVB, Cruel Ring of the Bell (literally translated) which is host by Hacken Lee and Joey Chun Leung Wing is officially recorded in TV city. Andy Lau was the special guest for the second episode, Gigi Leung, Joey Yung and Alan Tam would also appear in the programme after Andy.

Hacken quipped that all contestants are talented as they know how to sing and dance as those with confidence will make everyone burst into laughters! When asked if all the contestants acted as clowns? The 2 comperes denied as they say that this programme hope the contestants to bring home more prize money.

Andy was the judge of the show as his responsibility is to ring the bell asking the contestant to leave, he quipped that the feeling is cruel but he feel that all contestants performed very well as they show off all their skills in order to win more prize money thus making the programme more exciting. Andy also think that this show will sprite everyone's will to perform.

news from: Sina.com