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| Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Taiwanese band Mayday's concert box office is impressive as they decided to add another show on 19 March in Taichung as they currently confirmed that Hevanely King Andy Lau will their special guest, the 6 of them will sing 'Ben Xiao Hai' together.

Mayday's concert tour started from Tainan on 25 Dec 2004, initially Taichung was one of the stop but due to unable to fixed a venue, the stop was skipped. After much discussion, the venue problem is solved and thus one show will be added. Currently, Andy had been confirmed to be their special guest.

Initially Andy wanted to hold a Live Concert in Hong Kong in April 2003 and took the initative to invite Mayday also seizing the chance to seek composition from its lead singer A-shin but Andy has a contract dispute thus the Live Concert was cancelled and missed the chance of collaboration.

Although the live concert was cancelled but Mayday didn't forget about this matter and instead they invite Andy as their guest. Mayday express that they intended to invite Andy in their first concert in Tainan to duet 'Ben Xiao Hai' with him but he had a tsunami charity concert in Hong Kong. All band members wrote the invitation card but could not send out in time, with the additional show, Mayday try their best again with hope to duet with Andy.

news from: liberty times.com