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| Thursday, February 10, 2005

Andy Lau and a group of little girl dancers whom dressed as chick to take Chinese New Year photographs, Andy show off his "splitting" skills that make the dancers burst into laughters. He wish everyone a lucky year of the chicken and will be the same as him to be smile always.

On that day, Andy wore red and was eye-catching when he stand among the yellow-dressed dancers. The dancers were excited and nervous when they see Andy, in order for them to relaxed, he says: "I could also do a 'split' !"After saying, he remove his left shoe and put it on his left hand, lie on the floor to simulate 'splitting' of his leg as the girls burst into laughters.

After finishing the performance on Chinese New Year Eve in Beijing, he return to Hong Kong on the first day of new year for the welcome God of Fortune ceremony as he transform to God of Fortune to distribute a 6-figure red packet. However, before his transformation, he took the 4:00 PM flight from Beijing to Hong Kong, at the Hong Kong Airport restricted area, he encounter God of Fortune giving out red packets, he got one and more than 10 other red packets from fans who was at the airport to welcome him . All of them rushed to give their red packets to him, one fan even whisper to him: "Keep this red packet well, as it's worth $5000!" During the pushing, one fan trip when she bump into the luggage, Andy immediately went forward to help her and send his regards.

The fans also came prepared with presents like new year cake in the shape of fish and other Chinese New Year food. Initially Andy carried his own luggage, but as he was busy recieving presents from fans, his luggage has to pass to his assistant.

When interviewed earlier by Metro Radio, Andy expressed that many unhappy incident and diseaster happen in the world last year thus he hope everyone could spend each day of this year happily, thus he has plans to join several Chinese New Year songs into a medly as he hope to bring happiness to the fans.

news from: Sun News, Oriental Daily News, Apple Daily News, MingPao