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| Sunday, February 06, 2005

Andy Lau and director Chan Tak Sumwill be collaborating in a movie titled 'Mong Tong' as the role of Andy's mother is still vacant as he quipped that majority of actresses reject the offer to become his mother, however it was alleged yesterday that Karen Mok has accepted the role and together with Felix Wong to be Andy's parent. When reporter telephone Karen's manager for clarification, she says: "No such matter! That character.....I don't know! You better go and ask Chan Tak Sum!"

It's known that reowned director Feng Xiaogang had decided to cameo as the heavenly doctor while Cherrie Ying will be the teacher that have a crush on Andy. With regards to Andy, he will have a face of a 80-years-old but in fact a teenager.

In addition, Kiki Lam had received a letter from a disabled teenager in Mainland China for Andy as he hope she will help him to pass the letter to Andy. Kiki decided to give him Andy's DVD as she's trying to make up for not getting Andy's autograph but she's hope to help him!

news from: Sun News