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| Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Currently Andy Lau is in Beijing to promote his Chinese New Year song Gong Xi Fa Cai and preparation for the CCTV gala show tonight. Jackie Chan and his son Jaycee, Joey Yung, Jolin Tsai and Nan Ying will also attend. Andy joined in the rehearsal yesterday as the organiser specially made a big-head model of Andy and Jackie will be singing and dancing during the opening.

Andy kick start the show as he sing and dance Gong Xi Fa Cai together with a group of dancers and children dressed as chick, there are also 2 robots from Sony that will dance to Andy's music. The dancing robots yet to be sold in the market thus it's priceless, the organiser specially brought 4 robots with security guards to stand guard, 2 are used as backup.

Andy was singing praise for the robots when he see them dance, he says: "The robots dance just like human, most importantly is that they follow the beat accurately, I think when all house has robots would not be surprising, but I still do prefer human rather than the cold blooded robots, it's easier to communicate between human, robot can only be play mate!"

Initially Andy plan to eat reunion dinner with Zhang Yimou and Feng Xiaogang and play firecracker after the performance, ater being told that firecracker are illegal in Beijing, he forgo the idea as he says: "I doesn't want to break the law, remembered I was playing fire-cracker the whole day when I was young in Tai Po and got my clothes burnt, actually it's quite dangerous."

Andy also revealed that before leaving Hong Kong, his mother had put pamelo leaves into his luggage to be used for bathing on Chinese New Year Eve's night, Andy says: "I also brought along red pajamas, new red clothes and shoe, will be back to Hong Kong on the first day of Chinese New Year."

In addition, Andy shoot a Chinese New Year short clip for TVB, he wrote a 'Qiang' (strong) calligraphy as a blessing to all Hongkongers, he says: "I wish that Hong Kong's economy will become strong in the year of the Chicken, everyone be strong in their body and has no illness."

Meanwhile, Andy was also requested by Wei Wen Po to write a 'hui chun' as he oblign as he had already wrote a few for his friends. Thinking for the daily readers, he wrote 'The Creativity Industry, Creates Peak Again', just like what Chief Executive Tung had wished for showbiz to go up another level.

Andy inherit his calligraphy skills from his father as they'll challenge each other during free time but his father always think that he wrote better than Andy, although Andy will be dejected but he'll still make his father happy. This year, Andy's house is full of 'hui chun' written by father and son, while his mother gave orders of what to write thus there will be different greeting each year. Other than hui chun, there's also a God of Fortune with Andy's face hanging on the wall as it's believed that the coming year finance will be smooth.

The best programme of the new year is to shopping but Andy doesn't practice that as his family own a shop which has almost all the new year goodies, thus Andy know how to make new year goodies when young, items like dumplings, egg crisps and jian dui will not be a problem to him. Of course the new year food will be the workers' responsibility while his mother supervise. Andy quipped: "If I do appear in the night market, afraid there'll be chaos and will be chased away!"

This year, Baleno had release 2 series of red packets with Andy dressed as God of Fortune and samfoo. Andy prepared red packets with HK dollars and RMB to be distributed to his friends in Beijing and Hong Kong.

news from: Apple Daily News, Ta Kung Pao, MingPao, Oriental Daily News, Wei Wen Po