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| Tuesday, February 08, 2005

According to the schedule of the gala show team, Andy Lau was arranged to arrive at CCTV studio 1 for the rehearsal of the 'Gong Xi Fa Cai' gala show. From what reporter see, Andy who wore causal was accompanied by his crew member as he arrive the venue. Although dressed causally, Andy appeared to be full of energy as the rehearsal start after he had a short chat with director Liang Kun and assistant director Chen Wei Ya.

In order for Andy to familiarise the performance situation, the director asked the stand-in for Andy in the previous rehearsal to perform again as demostration before Andy grab the microphone and went onstage. Maybe he had prepared beforehand, when Andy went onstage, he manage to stand in the correct position and his coordination with the dancers and 2 robots are perfect as one rehearsal is needed.

For the actual performance to be better, Andy requested to have a second rehearsal before rushing off with his crew members.

news from: TOM Entertainment