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| Monday, February 07, 2005

Last night, the 2005 Movie Persons Chinese New Year Celebration was held at Beijing Conventional Hall where more than 500 from the movie industry celebrate the new year in advance.

When director Feng Xiaogang arrives, surprisingly his wife Xu Fan is nowhere to be seen as he came alone. When the celebration begins, reporters understand what is going on as Xu Fan is the compere of the event. However, Feng doesn't laze around as he was busy eating noodles and waving to others but he still yet to enter the venue until the reporter spotted Andy Lau's manager beside him, thus explain why Feng kept waiting at the door. When the event is about to start, Andy who was wearing a grey samfoo appear in the midst of flashlights. Feng is the first to welcome him and help to path the way for Andy, a movie had formed a true friendship.

Andy who was in Beijing for the rehearsal of the gala show unexpectedly appear at the 2005 Movie Persons Chinese New Year Celebration and sang 'Ai Ni yi Wan Nian' as the finale of the event. Throughout the 3 hours, the reporter caught alot of Andy's interesting expression, as he use cotton wool to stuck into his ear, holding to a camera, playing around with chicken feather .... one small movement follows another.

news from: Sina.com