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| Monday, February 14, 2005

God of Song Sam Hui's fifth night of his 2005 God of Song Chinese New Year Carnival was held at the fourth day of the new year with an 80% full audience. Other than 12 Girls Band, Ella Koon and Life Is Beautiful as performing guests, Andy Lau was the special performing guest and was introduced by Sam as the one who rule the showbiz in 2004. When Andy see Sam and joked: "I see you when I'm very young, but hope that you won't blame me for saying this, currently many people also keep telling me this."

However Sam doesn't mind at all as he says: "Doesn't matterm I also see myself as just 30-years-old." Andy then follow up: "You're right, I feel that you're reborn, so the next time when I have my solo concert, I'll ask you to be my performing guest." Sam agreed to Andy's request as he quipeed: "You belittle me, Ok, I agreed.".

Then both then went on to duet 'Lang Zi Xing Sheng' and under the request of the fans, he sing his Chinese New Year song - Gong Xi Fa Cai which bring the concert to greater heights.

After Andy, Ricky Hui make an appearance and he was also "scared" of Andy, he quipped: "When I see Andy at backstage, I almost have a heart attack when I think I'm dead for it when I'm suppose to sing after him." However Ricky did find out that there are fans carrying card board of his name before he said: "Wah, after singing for 40 years, this is the first time I see people carrying a card board of my name, feel delighted."

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