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| Saturday, February 12, 2005

In the year 2004, Andy Lau whom had a fruitful year in movies and music can be considered as emperor of emperor. Just like normal workers, after the new year holiday one need to return to work, however what is different is that what this "emperor" did id to distribute red packets to his employees, everyone has one, delights for everyone! The "emperor" also command to play the new year song - Gong Xi Fa Cai, wishing all Hongkongers, all good will comes and bad please go away!

When asked why the emperor has to personally handle the stuffs, Andy quipped: "You really think that I'm the emperor? This emperor's surname is Lau ('Liu'), how could he be a emperor? You need not do anything once you're the emperor? I've studied, it's tough being a emperor, in ancient China, emperor has to wake up 4-5 am in the morning to meet his officials, whereas peasants can sleep till the sun rises!"

Andy had played emperor several times in his acting but he doesn't look forward to the life of a emperor, he says: "He has too much responsibility, I rather be a peasant, life is simple and without worries, when asked me about politics, I knew nothing. With me believing in others easily, my countries can be easily cheated away, ha ha!"

It was heard that Andy being the boss emperor had been handling all matters, when our reporters paid them a visit to take photographs, the reporters personally witness that he roll up his sleeves and move the furniture away with his assistant for space to take photographs!

Every worker would dream to become a "worker emperor" (boss), so how would one become a emperor? Andy says seriously: "Put all efforts to your job, work hard and don't complain, willing to do is half success, if there's anything that you wish to attain, must think of ways to attain it, no matter how mych time and effort needed."

Andy remember the time when he was shooting Return of the Mount Deer as Kang Xi Emperor, in order to play the character well, he went to the library to read up reference books on official rankings and the accessories that a emperor wear until he fully understand, he says: "I'm hardworking to search for information to get myself into the character, therefore everyone still remember the Andy Lau emperor in Return of the Mount Deer."

Andy also quote the example of shooting Return of the Condor Heroes, he told the producers that he wanted to sing the theme song, while the producer agree but he was so busy until he sleep for 2 hours each day, so tired till could die, when the producer asked him for recording, he's so tired that he doesn't wish to sing. Andy quipped: "When I need my hair to be tied up, I ask for help so that I could sleep for another 1 hour! When I went for recording, Er Hu was one of the instrument used for live recording. After several bad recording, I vent my anger and say I won't be recording! The producer then told me that if I don't record it well, it'll become part of my history and I better think this properly! In the end I re-record and recorded for another 100 times before I recorded my best recording!"

Andy exclaim: "If I gave up the last time, there won't be today of me. Many time, when one fails, it doesn't mean that his skills lose out to others, therefore I hope everyone could use your every minute and seconds to make them exciting and worthwhile, thus no matter where you go, you're the emperor."

Return of the Mount Deer is Andy's drama serial 21 years ago, wearing the emperor suit again after 21 years, other than a naivete face, it has changed to one that is handsome and radiant. In the eyes of million, there aren't any difference between the Andy of today and 21 years ago, he's still the emperor in showbiz! So how Andy look at himself?

He quipped: "I just past 21 years only, still a hardworking perosn, I'm no emperor? You ask my employees, who will become my emperor? Just now when I ask them to pretend to collect teh red packets, they refuse, haha! They're the emperor! I ask them to work according to their will, therefore it's not fun being a boss, working emperor is the true emperor!"

Andy's fans and friends will tell him that it's tough working and envy him being a boss. Andy quipped: "You'll know its tough when you become the boss! Actually no matter what you did, most importantly is happy and satisfied, just like what I wrote: Happy can cure diseaster! Look on the bright side, think for others, you'll be happy no matter where you go!"

Before the photo-taking, Andy went to change into the dragon suit but he turn his head and apologise that he's waiting for his assistant for the red trousers as he told reporters that red trousers must be wear beneath the dragon suit.

One minute after taking the photograph, Andy remove his hat as it leave a round mark on his head, he quipped: "Teh hat is too heavy and tight, my head aches, tough to be a emperor!" His could-not-be-bothered attitude embarrassed the reporters, he had been enduring for so long without a word of complaint. A superstar is such an easy person to be with, he is earnest with his work, his earnestness has won the respect of all, the new-comers have a lot to learn from this Heavenly King Lau.

news from: tom.com