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| Sunday, February 13, 2005

For the past year, Andy Lau could be considered to be lucky from start to end as he recieve countless awards in movie and music awards ceremonies, of course he hope for a lucky year in the new year. Lam Ka Tung whom under Andy's company know how to do as he gave Andy a funny looking chinese new year flower to symbolise good fortune which made Andy all smiles as he immediately went to play with it. In return, Andy gave them abalones, ginseng and shark fin feast. He also personally decorate and clean up his 2000 square feet fan club house. A transformation from boss to maid.

As Andy has a strong family bond as he will always spend the Chinese New Year in hong Kong with his family, except this year as he jetted off last Saturday to Beijing for the preparation of the Chinese New Year Eve gala show, as it was the annual big event of CCTV, Andy had to stayed till the night of the first day of the new year before he return to Hong Kong to accompany his family members till he resume work on the 7th day of the new year, Andy says: "Normally it was said to be an auspicious day to start work on the 7th day."

Earlier, Andy invited Lam Ka Tung and god-daughter Ellis Tang to Andy World Club for reunion dinner as they take turns to give their boss new year presents, hoping that he'll be as lucky as the previous year. Lam gave Andy a elephant boxer shorts and a toy gun, there's a pair of ears at the centre of the boxer shorts, between them is the long nose of the elephant. It's erotic and comical, Andy can't help to play with the "elephant nose". Lam explains his reason for his present, he says: "Giving this boxer to my boss, hope he'll prosperity and wealthy, and a gun for him. " Andy exclaimed: "Wah! It's new year, not good to play with guns!" Lam continues: "An Elephant goes to battle with a gun, hope boss will face all problems bravely til the end, please don't think otherwise!" Andy burst into laughter upon knowing the meaning behind Lam's present.

Meanwhile, Ellis gave Andy home-made seasoned oranges, she says: "Hope god-father will sing for the whole year and has good voice, its good for the throat."

Andy thanks their kindness and specially arranged an abalones, ginseng and shark fin feast. In between Andy didn't forget to crack a joke as he gave the best sea cucumber to Ellis and quipped:" You wore so little material , have this to boost the body so that you'll not get cold!"

news from: Sudden Weekly