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| Friday, February 11, 2005

Gong Xi Fa Cai, Best of Luck in the Year of Rooster! Heavenly King Andy Lau's greeting for SingPao readers: "Best Wishes, All Your Dreams Come True!" Recently Andy wrote a new song Gong Xi Fa Cai as he hope everyone has a smooth and happy rooster year without any natural diseaster.

The year 2004 can be considered a fruitful year fro Andy as he got good results in his movies and music. In movies, having won the Best Actor award in Golden Horse and Hong Kong Film Awards, in the recent music award ceremonies, Andy remade history by bagging the Most Popular Male Singer and Asia Pacific Most Popular Male Singer in TVB's Jade Solid Gold, no wonder he also express that he's satisfied with last year's result.

Into the year of the rooster, Andy wish all Hongkongers be happy as he specially introduce Yunan's chicken feast, other than being festive, it's also a feast to the stomach. After tasting, Andy was singing all praise. The chicken feast has 5 dishes which includes steamboat chicken, sesame spicy chicken, ghost fiery chicken, chopped chicken and Miao tribe dried chilli chicken.

Actually Andy is also into cooking as he also knew how to make some new year finger food which includes dumplings and egg crisps as he demostrate the secrets of dumplings. Andy express that his family open a store when he's young and he help out to prepared some of the CNY finger food for sale. Although he might be busy nowadays but sometimes he also prepare dumplings for his family.

When asked what's his plans and anticipation for this year? He express modestly: "I feel that I was a lucky man in 2004, it's will be okay for a steady year." In 2005, Andy hope that the movie industry will turn better, other than shooting a few international production, he'll also particpate in local productions, which will also nurture new director and actors for the audience to accept them slowly. For last year, what delights him is when several directors in John Wu and Lee Ang had commented that his acting had improved therefore Andy also hope to collaborate with international acclaimed directors, bring the Hong Kong brand movies into international.

In his music, Andy has 2 hopes, one is to hope that his Mandarin songs could have some influence in Asia, with his strength, could bring more Hong Kong singers into the Chinese market, secondly is all compose some Cantonese songs of local favour and not allowing to feel that his composition is outdated, he wish to collaborate with well-known local composer in Lin Xi and Huang Wei Wen.

news from: SingPao