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| Thursday, February 17, 2005

Daniel Lee, director of A Fighter's Blues and Star Runner is prepared to start shooting a movie titled 'Jian Long Che Jia' based on the life of Sangokushi (Romance of the Three Kingdom) victorious general Zhao Zi Long, chances are high for Andy Lau who's the newly crowned Best Actor of the Golden Horse Film Awards to be cast for the role.

Daniel whom was in Taipei International Book Fair promoting his book Sangokushi - 'Jian Long Che Jia'. Daniel listen to stories of Sangokushi since young as bedstories from his father thus it was always his dream to direct a movie based on Sangokushi, also in respect of his father. Andy whom collaborate with Daniel in A Fighter's Blues has a very high chance of collaborating again, however as the fundings are still under discussion, Daniel doesn't want to reveal anything.

Daniel exclaimed that he'll seek investment from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan and Korea, estimated a budget of US$20000,000 and the movie will be shot in location in China. Andy will play a 70-years-old Zhao Zi Long thinking back of his younger days. It was heard that Daniel had a actors wish list for Zhao Zi Long and Lou Pin An (the guy whom betray Zhao) but the 2 actors could have problems collaborating thus the casting might have some changes, therefore he doesn't want to reval anything.

news from: China Daily Times