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| Thursday, February 17, 2005

Although many singers are people's idol, actually they themselves also have their own idol. Take Life Is Beautiful's Elise Liu for example as her idol is Andy Lau. Since working so long in Hong Kong, she cried when she thinks of her family members and when her work gets tough, Andy is another person that make her cry.

In an earlier award presentation ceremony, Elise met Andy for the first time as broke into tears due to being too nervous and was even being referred to be a small fans by her company's colleagues. However, Elise is still very nervous everytime she see Andy, luckily the other 3 members help her out to ask Andy to take a photograph together as remembrance and Andy oblign to their request.

At Sam Hui's concert, Elise meet up with Andy once again as she already knew that Andy was also invited by Sam to be his guest thus she arrived at the venue early and show him a song that she compose for him, however it's uncompleted. After seeing it, Andy encourage Elise to finish the composition before passing to him which delighted Elise.

news from: Tom.com