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| Friday, February 18, 2005

Media Asia Group and East Asia Entertainment held its spring dinner of more than 40 tables at Inter-Continental Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui, including lucky draw prize money, prizes, the total expenditure estimated to be around HK$2000,000. Several celebrities attended which includes Stanley Ho's foruth wife Angela Leung, Albert Yeung and wife, Andy Lau, Leon Lai, Richie Ren, Michael Hui and wife, Anthony Wong, Nick Cheung, Edison Chen, Shawn Yue, Daniel Wu, Chan Po Chu, Josie Ho, Andrew Lau, Wong Jing, Cheung Yiu Wing , Winnie Yu, Nicola Cheung, Chapman To, Tin Yui Lee, Johnnie To and Dennis Law Sau Yiu.

Other than lucky draw and game segment, Richie and Terence Yin sing for the occassion.

In the past, Andy and Leon had being "fighting" with each other in their singing career, Andy acted in several Media Asia movies in recent years and Leon joined East Asia Entertainment, thus they meet each other and was arranged to sit in the same table. The compere request a duet by them, with the crowd in support, an enthusiastic Andy dragged Leon onstage to sing a duet for the first time after the Peter Lam and those present even dedicate which song to sing.

After dragging Leon onstage, Andy says: "We yet have a duet, I'm not sure if we have a chance in future and win the Best Duet award in music award ceremonies? Our fans please joint hands and support our song." After saying, the 2 Heavenly Kings sang Sam Hui's 'Lang Zi Xing Sheng'. They sang the duet well as Yuki Hsu and Nicola went onstage to present them with flowers.

As everyone is not satisfied, Andy invite Richie and Lam Ka Tung onstage to sing 'Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xin', the compere then asked boss Peter onstage to sing a song. The compere says: "Hmm, what song should Mr. Lam sing, if Mr. Albert Yeung come onstage too won't be a problem." Yeung then quipped that he sing better than Andy in the past but now then he lost his vocal, he had stopped singing. Lam then joke as he look at Yeung: "We're the Old Twins." Although Yeung didn't went onstage but under the intensive persuasion of Andy, Peter finally went onstage and sing 'Ben Xiao Hai' with Andy, Leon and Richie. Andy quipped: "Let me introduce what is called 'ben xiao hai', those love to produce movies are 'ben xiao hai'." Peter then follows: "You (Andy) want to release an album with Leon, you can't signed up with another company, sign with my company!" Leon then help Andy: "You must state in the contract that you (Peter) won't file a lawsuit against him."

Yu Po Chu and Uncle Ba then donate HK$150,000 into Andy and Leon Charity Funds, Peter then sing 'Bin Yu' with the 2 Heavenly Kings in appreciation.

Although there's a downturn in the movie industry as the box office collection for Seoul Raiders isn't doing well, but Media Asia will continue to stretch its muscles this year as its business director revealed that the company will invest HK$300 million to produce 10 movies. Andrew Lau, Alan Mak and Chong Wen Keung will collaborate in 3 movies, Johnnie To 2 movies and the first movie to start shooting is Chan Tak Sum's Tong Mong which has a casting of Andy, Cherrie Ying and Karen Mok. Although Seoul Raiders's good box office collection in Hong Kong is less then ideal, but it was doing well in Mainland China and Malaysia.

Andy exclaimed that he doesn't like the title Tong Mong but the director refuse to change the title and it will be a fantasy drama which is similar to The Big Fish, it narrates himself being 13-years-old and grow old 10 years each day to become 83-years-old within 7 days. He feel that it's most difficult to play 23-years-old as he'll try his best to put on weight. Andy says: "I need to increase my weight till 160 pounds, thus I was rather relax during this festive period as I kept eating and my weight shot up to 150 pounds, my muscles shrink, after finish shooting for this age, I need to slim down again." When asked if he'll signed up with East Asia Entertainment, he says: "Nope, I'm still on holiday, we'll start discussing only in March, I welcome other companies to approach me."

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