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| Saturday, February 05, 2005

Soon Andy Lau will be starting shooting a new movie directed by Chan Tak Sum titled 'Tong Mong' (literally tanslated as Child's Dream). In the movie, his character ranges from 18 - 80 years-old, as he meet a heavenly doctor to be acted by Mainland China director Feng Xiaogang and wish to become an adult, thus he grow old everyday.

The other casts includes Felix Wong and Karen Mok as Andy's father and stepmother, Cherrie Ying as a teacher whom fall in love with the young Andy.

Although the movie required makeup but he need to behave like a teenager. Having experience the muscleman makeup in Running On Karma, Andy is in for hardship again. During the recent test makeup, he had to be stationary for 5 hours allowing the makeup specialist from Amercia to make the facial mould. Director Chan was singing praise of Andy's professionalism.

news from: Apple Daily News