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| Friday, February 04, 2005

For the Chinese New Year, Andy Lau wrote a calligraphy - Gong Xi Fai Cai wishing everyone "all good comes and bad please go away".

With regards to Yu Kexin publishing her book, Andy finally comment as he says: "Which publishing house publish the book for her?" However, this remark angers both Yu and her mother as her mother express that it was "the biggest joke in the new year", with regards to the remark, Andy did not comment but express: "I wish everyone when encounter with good luck must work harder, if meet with something bad, don't rush and stay calm to face the battle, I give all a word - "Ren" (endure). "

Andy also added that he wish to film a comedy to bring happiness to the audience and his wish for this year is that the world has no more disease and everyone can live healthy and in happiness, he says: "I wrote 'happiness can cancel out disaster' in my song Gong xi Fa Cai, being optimistic can maintain happy."

Normally Andy will spend Chinese New Year Eve with his parents, but he had to perform in CCTV gala show, thus he'll have his reunion dinner in advance with his family and seize the chance to collect red packets from his brothers and sisters, he says: "Me yet married, of course can collect red packets."

news from: Taiwan Apple Daily News, China Daily Times