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| Sunday, February 06, 2005

The "ever-present" Yu Kexin is back again. Earlier she had tried to borrow sperm from former boyfriend Andy Lau for a baby and publishing a book revealing her past relationship with Andy, yesterday she was in Xi-an to promote her book and going to stage a concert to earn some quick cash. On he entrance of the hotel where she's going to perform, a poster with her past intimate photograph with Andy is used as attraction, stressing that she's the only girlfriend that Andy had admitted to start her mission of borrowing Andy to earn some money for the New Year.

It's known that the venue that Yu going to perform could accomodate 1,000, there will be 2 other singers from Beijing to perform with her and tickets are priced at $50 and $80 for alcoholic drinks. When compared to other singers from Taiwan and Hong Kong, this $50 ticket is dirt cheap.

When our reporter called the ticket hotline expressing to advance booking of 100 tickets, the other party gave a quick answer of there are still many tickets available. When the reporter asked if Andy will attend after seeing the poster? The other party answers: "Of course not, the ticket will not worth this money!" When the reporter tries to contact Andy regarding this matter, he couldn't be contacted as he was rehearsing for the Chinese New Year gala show in Beijing.

In addition, when Yu was being interviewed in Xi-an, she bring Andy up again as when reporter ask if she's disappointed as the woman that Andy is going to marry is not her? Yu express that she understand Andy's character, as he is trying to use marriage as protest to me publishing the book as he's care of his image, she says: "I send my best wishes to her (Andy's girlfriend), as she finally get something realistic."

news from: Oriental Daily News, Sun News