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| Tuesday, March 22, 2005

He had just being selected as one of Chinese Films Media Award's China's 100 actors, he's also the Chinese Film 100 Years Image Ambassador, he's 43-years-old and remain popular for more than 20 years, he's Andy Lau. Recently, he was interviewed by Hong Kong's reowned compere Eileen Cha and let us understand this Heavenly King more.

Elieen (E): Why a 43-years-old man could maintain in this line for so many years and audience still adores you, you still put in all your efforts, sing well and act well? Have you thought before what's the reason?

Andy (A) : I also don't know, but I really find joy in working, I love my job. Actually I exercise to hear people's remark: "Wah, 43-years-old and still so stylish!" Just for this remark, I'm willing to exercise for the whole year.

E: When your former girlfriend Yu Kexin publish a book on your past relationship with her makes you unhappy?

A: I didn't put this in my heart.

E: You never put this in your heart?

A: Nope. Sometimes, I feel that such things will happen. Within one day, there's day and night, how to say one life?

E: Does this matter troubled you?

A: Nope, I hope she got what she wants. All things had happened, actually she also know what had happened, if she feel that it's worth it, I feel that nobody can say that it's not worth it.

When talked about Tian Liang being dropped from the national team.

E: Earlier, Tian Liang was dropped from the national team, which was a big news in the sporting world, recently there's follow-up news, if it's you, what's your suggestion?

A: I feel that he's still a kid, he's a sportsman, his world is different from mine.

E: He started to swim when he was 8-years-old.

A: Correct, his world is different from mine. If you asked for my opinion, I feel that Tian Lian should concentrate on diving. He's 26-years-old, could carry on dive till he's 28 or 30 years old, majority of actors peak after 30 years old. You can't say that his life experience is not well trained, actually life experience changed my way of acting, actually it's not just filming 100 movies that you'll know how to act, that kind of experience will developed in your acting.

E: So there's no need to enter showbiz?

A: If he put his efforts in training, he'll shine in 2008, I'll then double the amount to sign him on,but he need to concentrate on diving now as he could only earn a few million only. After 2008, I'll give it to him if he dives well. If he sign the contract now, I'm not sure what he can achieve.

E: Talked about TVB's 5 Tigers, it seems that you recently are more close to Felix Wong?

A: When I think of Anita Mui and Leslie Cheung leaving us, I feel that I should spare some time to catch up with my friends, like meeting the 5 Tigers for a meal. In addition, I do hope to gather the 5 Tigers to film another movie, I'll send out my invitations, hope it'll moved them.

E: In this business, anything that you doesn't wish to do?

A: If you ask me, I don't feel that there's anything that I doesn't wish to do. Take Wong Jing for example, some people say his stuffs are sub-standard, but I like collaborating with him. I was thinking, one day I must be in his production that help him win an award to make people feel that his works are of standard, then I'll be very happy.

E: On female lead, whom you wish to collaborate with?

A: I hope to collaborate with younger actress, maybe let's say Charlene Choi.

news from: Sina.com