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| Monday, March 21, 2005

The 5th Chinese Film Media Award was held at Guangzhou's City Garden Hotel yesterday which is a gathering of personals from the movie industry of Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Andy Lau is the event's image ambassador and also vying for the Best Actor and Media Respectable Film Person awards. In the end, Alex Fong won the Best Actor award while he defeat Stephen Chow and Feng Xiaogang to win the Respectable Film Person award. Meanwhile, Rene Liu won the Best Actress award with A World Without Thieves and AWWT won the Year's Outstanding Film award.

When Rene collect her award, she first had a hug with Andy before giving her speech, she says: "Many thanks to Andy Lau, he's a good co-actor, I also like to hug Feng Xiaogang, but I can't see him." Then Feng appear from backstage to hug with her.

When Andy, Rene and Sheren Tang arrives, they were crowded by hundreds of media, even the securities could not handle. Andy double up as escort as he hold both ladies through the crowd.

As the event's image ambassador, Andy gave a speech at the opening. He said in Putong Hua: "This time, I represent chinese film's 100th anniversary in this event, when I meet Guangzhou fans this afternoon, I tell them to join chinese film's 100th birthday party. The fans ask me in return, isn't it's just 25th birthday? Therefore I'm curious why they select me as Chinese Film 100 Years Image Ambassador?"

Andy then quipped that actually the organiser wanted the main lead of first chinese film - Ding Jun Shan to be the ambassador, but he was very "busy" and not around. Then, the organiser wanted to approach Kwan Tak Hing who had more than 130 movies, but he was also "busy" and not around, thus they approach a very busy person and he's Feng Xiaogang.

Andy say that among the 100 Best Directors, Feng did not make it , thus he can't be the ambassador, thus he himself had to take over the duty. Andy pointed out that movie is a dream and require many people to work hard to create and complete it. The sweet dream had been around for 100 years, hopefully it can have 200 or even 1000 years, then he's still the image ambassador. He says: "Maybe then I'll be also be very "busy" and not around."

When talked about his feelings of winning the award, he says: "To be able to one of the person that creat sweet dreams, I'm very happy. But there's some outstanding people whom did not make into the 100 name list, like Chang Feng I of Farewell My Concubine whom should have garned a spot. They're outstanding actor." Andy express that his continuous hardwork is proven as it could win the requirement of the media, the 100 years of chinese movie had end but it also represent the beginning of another 100 years which is a new page of chinese films, he'll continue to work hard and hope his name will be listed in 200th year of chinese film.

news from: Ming Pao, Wei Wen Po, Ta Kung Pao