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| Tuesday, March 22, 2005

When asked by reporters that in order to become the actor with the most movies to his name, how many more movies that he expected to make. Andy Lau tries his best to recall and say suspiciously: "I really filmed so many movies? I think I just filmed 100 movies, I really filmed more than 20 movies in these 3 years?"

After the confirmation of all the reporters, Andy quipped: "I'm easy on target in making movies, I really don't know how many movies I can be in, but I do hope that I can become the actor with the most movies under my name in chinese film history. It impossible to film the best but it'll be good to film the most."

Andy had a fruitful year in acting awards thanks to 2 Mainland China production - A World Without Thieves and House of Flying Daggers, when asked which movie he like among the 2, a "cunning" asked the same question to the reporters and got AWWT as the answer. He says: "So you say AWWT, so I like AWWT. But without the success of HOFD which gave Chinese director's confidence in me, I may not be cast in AWWT. I believe AWWT can take my acting career to another level."

news from: sina.com