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| Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Media Asia's HK$30000,000 production Chan Tak Sum's movie, 'Tong Mong' held its screen opening ceremony yesterday at Tze Wan Shan, the cast that attended includes Andy Lau, Karen Mok, Felix Wong and Lam Ka Tung. Cherrie Ying whom attended a court hearing the previous day didn't attend, the director explains that she need to shoot a Johnnie To movie thus unable to attend.

As the location shooting venue of the opening ceremony is near a neighbourhood school, many residents and student gather as on-lookers. When Andy walks near his fans, a mother fan gave him red packet, Andy show off a proud expression when collecting the red packet.

As Andy's character need to be from 30 to 80-years old thus he need to apply makeup when the character is 50-years-old, with just 4 days of testing, he already suffer skin irritation as there are red spots on right corner of his mouth.

Andy had seen a doctor and need to apply some sterols cream, however before applying the cream, he need to rinse his face with alcohol to prevent damage of the skin. Andy believe that doing facial will be enough. Andy is also trying to find out if he ate some food that cause the irritation. Andy quipped: "I'll see what medicine could control the irritation as once you got it, it's easy for re-occurrence, with the addition that I need to keep my face clean when shooting the aged scenes, I couldn't apply the cream as the face mould will not stick tight to the face, I need to use alcohol to rinse my face before putting the makeup." When asked by reporters if he's making a big sacrifice? Andy expressed that he had begin his sacrifice when he shoot Love On A Diet.

However the boy whom will be the younger Andy is nowhere in sight, but Andy pointed out that his behaviour is similiar to himself. Meanwhile he hope that when he reprise the character whom grow old till 80-years-old within 10 days doesn't earn remarks that he's trying to act young. When asked if it make him remember when he was young, he quipped: "So many things happen, how to remember, I joined TVB artiste training classes when I was 17-years-old, I was still watching Shanghai Grand." However Andy stress that the theme of this movie is to urge children to cherish their time.

Andy exclaimed that when he's in the 30-years-old of the character, no makeup is required which delights him as he's no longer young but praise himself of maintaining well. When he need to communicate with teenagers to understand their mentality, he found out that their thinking had been rather matured.

Felix quipped that he was just some 10 days older than Andy but he don't understand why he's cast as Andy's father. Andy quipped: "Don't you feel proud to be my father!" When asked about Karen as his mother, Andy quipped: "No choice, she already has a boyfriend."

Jacky Cheung whom become a father of another daughter and Richie Ren is going to become a father too, Andy quipped that Jacky had a look of a grandfather. When asked if he craves to be a father? Andy in terms rebulked the reporter if he wish to become a father, the reporter answers: "Yes!" Andy then replies: "Okie, I'll listen to you!" When followed asked when he want to have a baby? Andy exclaimed that he's so busy and he'll think about it after finish shooting this movie.

Felix whom had resting for a year exclaimed that he won't be accepting any drama serial offers, he also has few movies to his name, his last movie was The Tigers and cameo in Golden Chicken. He express that Andy recommend this role to him. Felix feel that Andy is a great friend as whichever one of the 5 Tigers required help, he'll lend his support. However Felix thinks that Andy's cons is that he's too hardworking but he's enjoying it.

Karen will be Andy's mother and Felix's wife in the movie. She quipped that she feel high about the movie, when asked which part of her are high, she claimed that on all areas. However, she herself never thought that she'll be Andy's step-mother. When she was told of the character, she asked: "How could I?" She accepted the role when told that she's mother of Andy when he was young and after reading the script, anyway she has being a mother before in Goodbye Mr Cool. Karen had knew Andy for a long time and this will be their first collaboration.

news from: Ta Kung Pao, Wei Wen Po, SingTao News, Oriental Daily News