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| Friday, March 18, 2005

Chinese Film Media Awards revealed its Chinese Movie 100th Anniversary Image Ambassador Andy Lau's promotional poster. It was heard that this poster will be the main paper promotional item, meanwhile it'll also become the Chinese Film Media Award's 100 Years of Chinese Films series of activities promotional poster.

This poster is designed by experienced art designer Choy Wai, the poster focus on image ambassador Andy whom show lots of concern on it as he pick this photo among the photographs he took, he select this photo as it's the most friendly photo. The poster's has a Beijing Opera figure in the background, it's the picture from chinese first movie - 'Ding Jun Shan' in 1905 to show the depth of 100 years of chinese film. Andy as the fore-ground and 'Ding Jun Shan' as the background shows off the 2 sides of 100 years of chinese film, Andy's smile and 'Ding Jun Shan' seriousness combine into one, representing a meaning of history being passed down, with the combination of black and white, the usage of these 2 colours show that films started from black and white to the current colourful films.

The slogan of the poster is "100 Years of Chinese Film" (Bai Nian Hua Ying), the word Hua was a calligraphy by Andy. The 'Hua' show the importance and charisma of chinese films whcih shows the respect and admiration of chinese film, concidentally 'Hua' is also one of the words of Andy's name. The committee hope that 'Bai Nian Hua Ying' will be remembered in history.

On the Chinese Film gala on 20 March, the committe will present all special guests with the first edition of 'Bai Nian Hua Ying' poster.

news from: Nanfang Daily News