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| Tuesday, March 22, 2005

"Filming robot" Andy Lau currently had started shooting his new movie - 'Tong Mong'. Reporters checked with Media Asia and find out the latest development of the movie as Karen Mok and Li Bingbing will be Andy's mother and step-mother.

In 2005, Media Asia will invest HK$300 million in 10 movies, the first movie will be Chan Tak Sum's movie, 'Tong Mong' . On 15 March, Andy, Karen and Felix Wong attended the open shoot ceremony at Hong Kong's Tze Wan Shan Secondary School. According to sources, Andy will be a normal boy but when he met a magical doctor and made a wish to grow up faster. With the doctor's magic, Andy suddenly aged. Although the massive age gap, Andy didn't doubt his acting ability.

Li Bingbing and Karen Mok will be Andy's mother and step-mother. Karen will be Andy's step-mother and she will face the common problem faced by a step-mother that is hard to handle the child especially facing a boy whom had the looks of a 20-something-years-old. Meanwhile, Li whom had collaborated with Andy twice will be Andy's nature mother, she'll change her pretty and sexy image in A World Without Thieves to return to her caring self. Meanwhile, Feng Xiaogang will cameo as the magical doctor.

news from: Sina.com