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| Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Joint-invested by movie companies from Hong Kong, Korea and Taiwan, one of Europe's largest movie distributor Fortissmo Films' new movie Invisible Waves is location shooting in Hong Kong recently. The company held a press conference yesterday at Lockout Restaurant, some special guests attended included Andy Lau who was one of the investor, Thailand's director Pen-ek Ratanaruang, Maria Cordero, Cinemagtography director Christopher Doyle and Japanese actor Asano Tadanobu.

On Hong Kong side, Andy's new company Focus Group and Anytime will invest partially, Andy feel that Invisible Waves's story is in the direction of Focus thus he decided to invest, the movie will be Focus's first production. Andy exclaim that he hope to use this collaboration to combine South-East Asia into one.

When asked why Andy didn't use TeamWork to invest? Andy exclaim that although TeamWork still exist but it'll tone done temporarily, but he doesn't wish to cancelled the name TeamWork in case others use the name to produce movies then he will waste time on explaining that he didn't collaborate with some people. He sighs: "TeamWork had produce several movies, examples are Made in Hongkong, Fulltime Killer, Saviour of the Soul and A Fighter's Blues which do quite well on the european market thus he feel that it's a pity for a 12-years-old company but I'll restart with my new company."

Andy whom had several collaboration failures in the past but it didn't drown his brave heart in movies. With past experiences, Andy pointed out that his new company will not go the direction of 1991's TeamWork but rather the year 2000's TeamWork. He revealed that this year his company will invest HK$80 - 100 million, HK$60 million will be used to invest in 8 movies, several will be collaboration with other countries. In recent years, independent movies had caught attention of Hongkongers, yet the final product, but Andy still support it as he quipped that he'll continue to produce many independent movies as several projects had started shooting, thus it's rather a dangerous venture.

Due to his investment in movies, Andy will be increasing his asking fees this year, he quipped: "Wait I'll add HK$4 million per movie, don't you feel that I'm not so busy nowadays? When compared with the same level of actors, my fees are one of the cheapest, thus I'm trying to catch up."
When asked of his feeling of Asano Tadanobu, Andy says: "Heard that he was good at guitar, he told me that he never expect to experience the four season just staying in Hong Kong for a few days."

Asano Tadanobu whom collaborate with Paulyn Sun in a violent Category III movie Ichi the Killer before will be a killer again in this movie but he expressed that the two characters are different as the previous character likes SM and fantasy.

When talked about his impression of Andy whom is his boss, Tadanobu exclaimed that he had read Andy's news before and know that he's a good actor thus believe that he'll be a good and reliable boss although being his first time meeting Andy.

Tandanobu was asked if he wish to collaborate with Andy, he says: "Of course!" When asked why he was always cast as a killer, he quipped: "I also don't understand, maybe everyone feel that I look like one."

news from: Wei Wen Po, Tak Kung Pao, Sina.com, Sun News, SingPao