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| Monday, March 14, 2005

Mainland China's popular magazine - People organised a survey on Chinese Movies 100th Year Most Influential Figure and its result was announced yesterday, it was a list of 30 actors from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, they'll be in the running for the 10 slot of Chinese Movie 100 Year's Most Influential Figure.

The purpose of this survey is to pick the most influential figure in the 100 years of chinese movies whom had outstanding achievements and huge influence in the movie industry, the person qualify includes directors, actors and film makers.

The 30 persons that appeared on the list includes Zheng Zhengqiu, Shaw Brothers, Cai Chusheng, Ruan Linyu, Tom Hiu Dan, Cui Wei, Zhao Dan, Shangguan Yunzhu, Bai Yang, Xie Jin, Bruce Lee, Zhang Yimou, Liu Xiao Qing, Jackie Chan, Chen Kaige, Lee Ang, Wong Kar Wai, Tsui Hark, Stephen Chow, Chow Yun Fatt, Tony Leung, Ge You, Andy Lau, Jiang Wen, Maggie Cheung, Gong Li, Zhang Ziyi and Jia Zhang-ke.

The 30 nominees will go through another round of voting in Sina.com, People's Internet voting and in the end, the committee will select the 10 Most Influential Figure in 100 Years of Chinese Movies. The public voting stand 50% of the decision.

Currently, the votes stands at Chow Yun Fatt with 28.38% (17374 votes), Andy Lau with 27.06% (16565 votes), Bruce Lee with 22.63% (13853 votes), Stephen Chow with 20.94% (12820 votes), Jackie Chan with 18.18% (11127 votes), Zhang Yimou with 16.5% (10101 votes), Zhao Dan with 15.3% (9368 votes), Shaw Brothers with 14.63% (8354 votes), Xie Jin with 13.27% (8126 votes), Ruan Linyu with 13.05% (7989 votes), Maggie Cheung with 12.7% (7774 votes), Zhou Xun with 12.6% (7713 votes), Liu Xiao Qing with 11.32% (6929 votes), Gong Li with 10.06% (6159 votes), Cai Chu Sheng with 9.56% (5852 votes), Zheng Zhengqiu with 9.15% (5601 votes), Lee Ang with 8.6% (5266 votes), Jiang Wen with 8.5% (5206 votes), Tony Leung with 8.33% (5099 votes), Cui Wei with 8.31% (5086 votes), Tang Xiao Dan with 7.87% (4816 votes), Wong Kar Wai with 7.57% (4637 votes), Deng JunLi with 7.48% (4579 votes), Tsui Hark with 7.23% (4427 votes), Chen Kai-ge with 6.33% (3874 votes), Bai Yang with 5.06% (3098 votes), Zhang Ziyi with 4.03% (2466 votes), Shangguan Yunzhu with 2.61% (1598 votes) and Jia Zhang-ke with 4.64% (1001 votes).

news from: Wei Wen Po