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| Thursday, March 24, 2005

Recently Andy Lau invest in movies again after setting up his Focus Film Limited as he held a joint press conference with Star Chinese Movies Network announcing that Focus Film will start filming 6 High Definition (HD) movies, the movies broadcasting rights had been sold to Star Chinese Movies Channel.

Being tagged as Focus First Cuts, the 6 movies' directors are from many Asian countries and areas which includes Wong Ching Po, Lee Kung Lok and Lam Tze Chung from Hong Kong, Ho Yuhang from Malaysia. Kelvin Tong from Singapore, Robin Lee from Taiwan and another one from Mainland China to be announced later. Individual HD movies will start shooting in different areas where local actors and production teams will be used.

However, the movies' producer and actor of more than 120 movies - Andy never thought to become a director as he hope to shoot more movies to use the fees earned for investment and nurture new directors, even if he's left with a dollar, he'll still invest in movie. Earlier he had claimed that he thought of increasing his asking fees in order to invest in movies, but nobody approach him with increased fees within these 3 months, thus he had to fork out part of his fee for investment. Thus, he asked the 6 directors to do themselves well and wake up by shooting a good movie, he boast their confidence by saying:"Actually my requirement of them is low, even if they are throwing his money out of the window, I'm willing to do so for the sake of movies."

The 6 directors asked Andy which actor does he wish to collaborate with. Andy exclaimed that he wanted to collaborate with Chow Yun Fatt the most in a movie which will be invested by his company as he doesn't have a chance to really collaborate with Chow. Andy says: "If there's a chance, I will be shooting Godfather, as I will re-watch the movie once every 3-5 years, I feel that it's a good movie. (So will it be you or Chow to be the godfather?) How could I be his father! It'll be fine being brothers."

When asked if he'll be venturing into Hollywood, Andy says: "To me, Hollywood is very far away, believed if everyone work hard, Hong Kong movies can be compared with Hollywood movies and we can go there together."

When asked about HD movies, Andy explains that it's a kind of high quality digital picture technology, as normal film won't be used for filming, the quality will be better and cost lesser than normal film, the recent Star Wars movies in Hollywood are HD movies too. For the 6 movies, Andy estimated will be investing HK$25 millions. When asked if he'll be cast in any of the movies, he quipped that there won't be any problems for him to cameo in his own company's production, when it's screened, he'll changed the credits to him as the main lead.

On the 6 directors, he said that they are selected by his company's colleagues. When asked why Stephen Chow and Eric Tsang's favourite disciple Wong Ching Po and Lam Tze Chung as directors, Andy quipped: "Lam was signed on by Stephen as actor, scriptwriter and partner, he aren't signed to be a director. Hahaha!"

When talked about Mainland China actor Ge You confession of buying pirate disc to watch movies, Andy appeared stunned and says: "I have nothing to say. ( Would you approach him on this?) Nope." He feel that there must be some reason for Ge You's action, maybe he's similiar to himself of unable to watch movies in the cinema but would like the feel of watching movies when it was release therefore had to resort to buying pirate disc. Andy exclaimed that for his company's movies, he'll pass the master copy to Ge You to prevent him from buying pirate disc of his company's movies. Andy quipped: "His desire for arts are......." Whereas he'll book the whole cinema to himself or ask the movie company to pass a copy to him, but he'll stay at home to watch foreign TV dramas.

more details can be found at the offical site: http://www.focusfirstcuts.com/

news from: Ta Kung Pao, Wei Wen Po, Sun News, SingTao News, Oriental Daily News