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| Monday, April 25, 2005

For the movie Child's Dream, Andy Lau had made huge sacrifice as his character is from young to old therefore most of the time he had to go through 5-hours of special effect makeup, furthermore the tailor-made contact lenses always makes his eyes dry.

Yesterday, Andy was location shooting in a store at Sai Wan with several children. He appeared in T-shirt and jeans as a delighted Andy wave and shake hands with the present supporting fans, he also performed magic which he just master for the reporters, while the jealous fans request Andy to perform again for them.

An unshaven Andy added some taste of sorrow to him. As the director doesn't want Andy's image to be disclosed, the crew members initially used large black cloth as cover but being friendly, Andy always stroll to the nearby salon to touch up his makeup and style his hair, the fans followed him to become a scene of "emperor on patrol". Some fans approached Andy for autographs, he manage to sign a few before the crew members pulled him away.

Reporters seize the chance to ask Andy is this character is tougher when compared to the ones in Love On A Diet and Running On Karma, unexpectedly he answers: "It's more relaxed, at least I need not stick head gear and wear fatso suit."

In addition, sources from the Internet that he was approached to be cast as the male lead in director Zhang Zhiliang's big production - Mo Zi Gong Lue. This movie will be a joint production of Mainland China, Korea and Japan, scheduled to start shooting at second half of this year. The movie claimed to be a wuxia project bigger than Hero and House of Flying Daggers. It will be based on a comic narrating war times of Zhao dynasty in 2300 years ago.

Andy's company spokesman Miss Tam replies: "Actually we did discuss before, the script is with us, but nothing had been confirmed, thus nothing can be revealed." Although Andy had yet signed the contract, but he had read the script and interested in the role as he had also collaborated with the director in Last Eunuch in China in 1988.

Meanwhile for Andy's 'bian lian' shifu Peng Denghuai's 60th birthday, although he could not send his wishes personally as he's busy filming, but he had send over a calligraphy that he wrote over, so thoughtful.

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