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| Monday, April 18, 2005

Andy Lau's latest movie - Child's Dream was the centre of attention of the media since it started shooting, especially the cast includes several heavyweights making cameo appearances. Other than director Feng Xiaogang as the magical doctor, beautiful Li Bingbing and Karen Mok also cameo as Andy's mother. Earlier, there was reports that Li accepted the movie offer but have to give it a miss however Li appeared at the filming set at 5:00AM for her first day of shooting for Child's Dream thus breaking up the allegations.

After his cameo in Kungfu Hustle, Feng will be the magical doctor who's responsible for transforming from young to old, meanwhile the sexy female thief in A World Without Thieves - Li will cameo for the first time as Andy's mother. Under the arrangement of director Chan Tak Sum had reunite the cast of AWWT, thus the movie is worth anticipating.

Li quipped that she was shocked when told that she will be Andy's mother as she asks herself "Do I really look that old? My god, how could I be Andy's mother?" After reading the script, she finally understand that she was the mother of a 6-years-old Andy, although she fail to meet head-to-head with the real Wah Zai but she get to be a married couple with another Wah Zai in Felix Wong.

Felix will have 2 wives in the movie whom were Li Bingbing and Karen Mok, he quipped: "Initially the director wanted me to have a bed scene with Karen, it really give me a scare, when we started shooting, I only get to chat with Karen on the bed, so disappointing. Actually I think this is good, if it's more intimate I can't accept it!" Felix also sing praise of Andy's old makeup look, he says: "Actually it's really too tough for Andy to makeup old, had to spent 5 hours each time, he also need to wear special contact lenses, he had to wear head gear from neck onwards, I feel that it's tough by just looking at him, but the feeling is very realistic, not even a hole can be found!"

Meanwhile, the small boy playing Andy is Sit Li Yin.

news from: Sina.com, Ta Kung Pao