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| Thursday, April 14, 2005

Earlier when Andy Lau was location shooting A World Without Thieves in Gansu, being always serious in his work, he nearly had an accident. When shooting a scene when Andy was driving with Rene Liu as the passager, with their car almost collide with a lorry. Andy whom had many years of driving experience, decided to do the stun on his own after 2 tries as he thinks that he could do it himself, even director Feng Xiaogang agrees to let Andy do it himself, on seeing Andy's confidence, Rene show her support.

When the shooting starts, as the road of Gansu is full of sand and stone, the 2 vehicles "bang together", after the accident,he continue to sped off and the car come to a stop after make a sharp turn.

Then, Andy was worry about Rene's safety as he will be worry if Rene is injured, luckily Rene was only given a scare, whereas Andy hurt his neck.

news from: Guangzhou Daily