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| Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Infernal Affairs III will be screened in Japan this Saturday which will concide with Keanu Reeves's Constantine. Reeves and Andy are currently jetting off to Japan to promote their movies. Andy and Tony Leung will be present for the premiere, the Japanese fans will go crazy over them.

Andy arrived at Japan the previous day with IA III's director Andrew Lau, Alan Mak and scriptwriter Felix Chong for the press conference at Prince Hotel Park Tower, thus Andy become the first Asian artiste to held a press conference there.

The press conference attracted more than 100 reporters, it was a grad event. Andy express that he's very happy and was touched till he wanted to cry. Andrew revealed that during filming,he always quarrel with the scriptwriter over the script but Andy is patient to wait for them. With regards to this, Andy says: "I could wait together with Tony, they could take 5 years to complete a movie." This remark made all present burst into laughters.

Tony whom board the early flight to Japan yesterday morning to meet up with Andy for the movie's premiere. Drawing of lots were used to decide the 300 audience,all male audience had to wear suit when attending the premiere.

As fans were arranged to stand by the sides of the red carpet, when Andy and Tony appreared, the female fans dashed forward to shake hands with them, even the security guards fail to handle the fans.

news from: Apple Daily News, Sing Tao News, Oriental Daily News