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| Sunday, April 17, 2005

Korean drama Jewel in the Palace is popular throuhout Mainland China, Taiwan and Japan, it even create a Korean craze never seen in Hong Kong, other than the good storyline, the selection of characters is also another reason for its success. After watching the original edition, the Korean netizens came out with a list of characters for the Hong Kong version, the artistes selected are from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Among them, the House of Flying Daggers pairing of Andy Lau and Zhang Ziyi were selected to be Min Jung-ho and Seo Jang-geum.

In Taiwan, some indicated that they intend to remake Jewel in the Palace while the genre of Hong Kong television always follow the trend, thus netizens specially select a group of artistes that they feel would be cast in the Hong Kong version of Jewel in the Palace, they also put an effort to edit the original casts' pictures and replace the head with those on the list.

Park Eun Hye whom was nicknamed as Korean's Joey Wong and of course the Hong Kong version will have her to be Park's character. Meanwhile , the emporor will be played by Tony Leung with Rosamund Kwan as the empress. With regards to the 3 leads, Jang-geum, Min Jung-ho and Choi Geum-young will be Cecilia Cheing, Andy Lau and Cecilia Cheung. Among the pictures, Andy's picture looked almost the same with Ji Jin-Hee , this proves that Andy is the best choice to be the character with strong friendster.

news from: Singpao