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| Thursday, April 21, 2005

TVB Weekly held a Highest Popularity Award for the station's artistes where many artistes attended the ceremony, the males are handsome while the females are pretty, the sight will make one's eye blur.

The night's biggest award - Highest Popularity Multi-Talented Heavenly King award goes to Andy Lau. Andy says: "I'm multi-talented? I don't know about this, I did put a lot of effort in all areas! I'm good at fighting, also good at acting. Handsome, what more can I say, Hahaha! So when you say I'm multi-talented, Ok lar! I hope that this is just the basic, this is the basic what an artiste should have, some requirement, I hope other artistes will follow my basic, hope to see more successful Hong Kong artistes, then we need not be afraid of the future."

Although he seldom come to Taiwan to meet his friends but he do show some concern to his good friend Jacky Wu being attacked. Andy says: "I think such things shouldn't happen, many things or problems can be settled through communication, it'll be a problem when violent is used! Hope the one being attacked or the one whom attack must think over where the problem lies, for the one whom did the wrong things should approach the one he offended to communicate, I feel that this will solve the probelm."

news from: TVBS E-News