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| Sunday, April 10, 2005

Andy Lau, Hong Kong's Andy Lau, the chinese's Andy Lau, Asia's Andy Lau? He's a superstar? He's a talented actor? Looking back at the development of Hong Kong movies, someone said that in the 80's and 90's, Hong Kong movie industry is the pirated version of Hollywood, several movie stars came up, meanwhile what themes of movies that the Hong Kong industry came up with?

The movie industry creating superstars as its mainstream, meanwhile for today, what the audiences and movie critics looking are a talented actor.

This year, Andy Lau was selected as the Actor In Focus for the Hong Kong International Film Festival, currently there is a seminar on Andy Lau's charisma and acting skills as the speakers Athena Tsui and Gordon Cheung interviewed Andy and pointed out the movie industry developments in the 80's and 90's.

"The Hong Kong then was searching for an actor with "special character", as non-star actors started to get focused." When the audience shouted: "I've others!" it seems that actors other than stars were the most precious.

Movies reflect reality, it makes directors and audience to believe - our movie industry can follow the other actor other than the lead in the movie Godfather, many many as we can consider them as 'shi li pai' (actors with materials)

Finally we see a different Andy Lau. The speaker pointed out: Andy went to another world, from Hong Kong's Andy Lau to "our Andy Lau", Andy's acting had changed.

In 2004, Chinese's Andy Lau. Meanwhile the main point is that if you look this way, in order to suit the market's requirement, strip off the star's capabilities, and walk into the path of a characteristic actor, is this worth it?

Cheung thinks: "Maybe it's our loss, it's a Andy Lau that had strip off a performance of a star." But, think of it, a person with star's charisma and wanted to strip off the tag of star? If we understand growth, this change is needed.

Stars equals to Hong Kong actor? Indeed Hong Kong movie industry once has a period of creating stars, look, the problem is divided, if not a star, it'll be a talent actor, just like the view of a common audience, if it's not a Hollywood way of acting, then it'll be just a pretty face, so what is Andy Lau's acting?

With regards to Andy, his focus on a character is his eyes. From eyes, you can see a direction, every film is the same, eyes show off the whole body, it make up a strong feeling.

Tsui: "At the moment Andy make a turn, it's a nice performance. Nice movement could move the audience, it depend on the eyes." First of all, have a full steady shot, followed by a 3/4 face, followed by the eyes turn to the corner, head turns slowly, "The eyes reaches before the chin reaches," if you look at it, this is the image from steady to move, eyes is not only of Andy but his most important tool.

In 1992's Game Kids Gameboy, at the moment before the killer open fire, the cameraman had a close up on Andy's eyes, to recent year's Infernal Affairs the speaker stress: "Andy's usage of his eye, it's himself." In 1985, when the eyes of Chow Yun Fatt started to fade, another pair of eyes follows with the focus on stars to support then Hong Kong movie industry. "In order to let audience understand that Andy Lau is a character, not a tool of a film." This is Andy's saying.

'Yan', in English is eye, which sounds almost the same to "Wo" as is "I", not only that it sounds the same, it also reflect a pair of eyes' expression to one self, allow audience to get into the character more, feel the acceptance of fate, thats the most important to success.

Cheung: "Before the interview, Andy Lau in my heart is more complicated, after the interview, I feel that Andy is very simple."

Tsui: "He care of the market too much, I feel that it's not neccessary, he should continue to be himself, proud of himself."

The way of acting affected the whole Hollywood, so acting skills is the best? Constantin Stanislavsky thinks that actor should know how to observe the fact, to show the action in real life, meantime have some thinking training, in order to imagine the character's mental conditions, and through rehearsals to show off realistic life onstage.

In the past, when discussing about Hong Kong actors, the first being in 1999 for Anthony Wong, Lau Ching Wah, Francis Ng, then when discussing about talent actors, , it's like more on image. The focus point then is the actors' mentality changes, their handling on their mental state, how to improve on their acting. In 2001 it's Tony Leung, this year is Andy Lau.

Anyway, Andy walk out of himself or he hope to challenge himself whether he can or cannot do it, meanwhile many audience hope that he'll remain himself, no matter it's stars' idol or potential actor, in the market, be yourself.

news from: Wei Wen Po