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| Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Chapman To was interviewed by Commercial Radio and was asked to picked the top 3 songs among the 30 songs. When talked about his selection of the top 3 songs, he says: "This world is about relationship, we are talking about relationship, the top 3 are closely related to me." When asked if showbiz is about relationship, he frankly says that Commercial Radio is about "making relationship", he says: "I suspect Commercial Radio is." When asked by the compere is he depend on relationship to be the guest, he says: "Without relationship how to appear on Commercial Radio."

Chapman picked Andy Lau's songs for his second spot, he says: "I feel that he's very confident, the artistes that I know are all confidence but doesn't want to let others know, I don't think that Andy is modest, but he's not afraid letting people know, I feel that he look modest on the outside but actually he's ambitious, very real." When asked why he picked Andy as second, Chapman joked: "Because he's used to be not number one in Commercial Radio."

Meanwhile, there's an ongoing allegations that Andy is going to marry Zhu Liqian but no further news, however somebody recently broke news that he saw Andy and Zhu were watering their plants in the balcony of a bungalow in Malaysia. The funny part is that the bungalow become a tourist attraction as the neighbours address Zhu as Mrs. Lau. The policemen on patrol even described the bungalow as Andy's palace.

news from: Apple Daily News