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| Monday, March 28, 2005

For this year's Hong Kong Films Awards, the celebrities that attended is larger when compared with previous years, it includes international stars in Jackie Chan, Zhang Ziyi, Maggie Cheung, Tony Leung, Carina Lau, Stephen Chow, Andy Lau, Leon Lai, Liu Xiaoqin, Cecilia Cheung, Sandra Ng, Jaycee Chan, Kate Yeung, Yuen Wah and Yuen Qiu. Although it was raining in-between the event, but several sexy-dressed actresses still brave the rain to enter the venue which attracts hundreds of onlookers, the organiser arranged close to 100 securities to maintain order.

Andy made an entrance holding the umbrella used in his movie - Jiang Hu which won the cheers and appulause from the huge group of fans, creating the greatest commotion.

Zhang Ziyi whom was nominated for the Best Actress award gave up to arrive in the organiser arranged car instead arrived in her company arranged Mercedes-Benz and was also escorted by 4 security guards and nanny. Meanwhile, the fans of Andy and Leon were the most enthusiastic.

As this year's ceremony is sponsered by Pepsi, thus the red carpet is fully printed with the company's logo making it into blue carpet. Regarding to this, Pepsi endorser Cecilia express: "My contract had expired, it's just a commercial for a soft drink, not the endorser!" Meanwhile, Taoti drinks endorser Andy and Coca-cola endorser Jaycee didn't avoid the carpet. However, Master Kong's endorser Richie Ren avoid the carpet with the reason of a leg injury and had to enter by the backdoor.

With regards to the blue carpet, Jackie quipped: "Please don't be too chosy on the colour of the carpet, we must support the organiser and event. I could also sponser the event, many others could sponser also, Andy Lau also can, the event could be more grand."

When Lin Chiling gave her "hug of luck" to Andy and Tony during last year's Golden Horse Film Awards, it had become a myth. Anthony Wong and Chiling were the prize presenter of the Best Script award, when the compere joked that they're "beauty and the beast" combination, Anthony request Chiling to give him a "hug of luck" which she agrees, Anthony even remove his coat before the hug and show off to Andy and Tony whom were among the audience before making another request of a 2-minutes hug in the backstage area.

Andy and Carina were the prize presenter of the Best Actress award, Andy crack a joke at Carina: "You looked so happy!" Carina replies: "Ya, I'm so happy." Carina then exclaimed that she wish to collaborate with Andy, she says: "All actresses that collaborate with you will win Best Actress." Andy then exclaimed: "I do wish to be your boyfriend, as being your boyfriend will become Best Actor." Carina replies: "Who asked you don't chose me, you missed your chance!"

news from: Sun News, Ta Kung Pao, SingPao, MingPao