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| Monday, March 28, 2005

Twins adores Andy Lau, in a way to support their idol, Gillian Chung exclaimed: "Ye Kexin, please don't cling onto Andy, please wear back your clothes!"

Although they are idols themselves, but Twins had their own idol too as they exclaimed: "Both of us loves Andy Lau!"

When talked about Andy, Charlene Choi was singing praise of Andy with her eyes wide open: "Andy took good care of us as he'll crack jokes with us, meanwhile he maintain himself very well. Everytime when we were singing onstage, when we sing the singers seated below the stage, Andy will always look at us, similing, applause, knock his head, unlike other singers whom had no expression, he's such a good person." Therefore when both of them entered showbiz, they full hearted supported Andy.

Gillian whom was unfamiliar with the environment will always look down on the floor, unexpectedly being a heavenly king, Andy will pat on her shoulder and asked: "What happend? Troubled by something?" Gillian smiled and says: "My god, he's so concern of me, am I dreaming."

When talked about Ye Kexin publishing her a book on her past relationship with Andy, a sweet Gillian transformed and scolded: "Please ask Yu Kexin not to make use of Andy anymore, please wear back her clothes!"

news from: udn news