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| Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Heavenly King Andy Lau specially jet off to Beijing to attend the opening ceremony of a artistic school sponsered by Hong Kong artistes. Although appearing as a "teacher" in a school but Andy was welcome by screams of the students, he was also force to sing his song on the spot.

When they see Andy walking into the hall, the students completely forget what is called "respect the teacher".

Andy went to Beijing's Oriental University with his TVB 5 Tigers members and Eric Tsang as these Hong Kong artistes sponser to set up an artistic education center. Andy says: "I'm not sure what I can teach all of you, I can discuss with you on everything, or share with you the days that I'm in showbiz."

Although becoming a teacher, Andy sounds more serious when giving out his speech and also writes a calligraphy of "Excel in Studies", however the students are waiting for him to sing more than him giving speeches. Andy says: "Thanks everyone, it makes me not to resemble a teacher!"

For Andy's appearance, the hall deployed with more than 10 security guards with cool expressions, a police car is also packed at the main door, making the distance to less than 100 meters.

news from: TVBS E-News