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| Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Cai Kang Yong and Lin Chiling's new programme - Power School was well recieved, do you know which artiste that Chiling wishes to invite as guest teacher?

Chiling says: "Me ah, I think I will invite my idol Andy Lau as the guest teacher."

When facing her idol since young, Chiling also have helped heavenly king Andy think of ways to avoid questions! Chiling says: "When invited to our programme, there is a segment where you can asked the artiste 10 questions, mostly the students would ask those spicy questions or allegations, I believe I can save him, when any bad questions were asked, I'll counter them, they'll feel bad as I'll answer for him, therefore Mr Andy Lau need not worry, you won't be hurt in our programme."

Reporter ask: "Okay, let us demostrate, if the student ask about Andy's first time....." Chiling says: "What sort of question are you asking, how could you asked such bad question!"

Reporter says: "I'm asking about first time on stage, you're too agitated." Chiling says: "Haha, sorry, I think the other way, however they always ask about such questions wor...."

news from: TVBS E-News