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| Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Andy Lau, Eric Tsang, Felix Wong, Miu Kiu Wai, Tong Chan Yip and Max Mok attended the opening ceremony of Oriental International Showbiz Education Centre yesterday, the education centre invited Andy as principal consultant, Eric as artistic executive, Tong as education centre's planning and administration manager, while Max, Miu and Felix as his assistant.

The centre will offer a 6 months course and school starts in September, it plans to take in 300 students.

It's a rare occassion that Andy, Felix, Miu and Tong to appeared together thus the cameras of the media kept taking photographs and the students kept screaming, everybody rushed towards the stage, it's kinda chaotic. On stage, the 4 Tigers talked about their past days together, they burst into laughters, likewise those off stage.

With regards to his role of principal consultant, Andy says: "I'm not sure what can I teach all of you but we can studied together, hope everyone can be more attentive during lessons." Andy also express that he won't be teaching any classes as he quipped that his acting is not as good as Eric thus Eric will be in-charge of teaching the students how to act. When asked what's he's good at, he thinks that he one of those in showbiz with the best morale, thus he'll be teaching morale. Andy express that he'll draw some free time to attend the lessons himself.

When asked about putting the 5 Tigers together for a movie, Andy says: "I'm currently discussing this with Carina Lau, as Tony is not here, I've to ask her, I hope to reach an agreement with her soon. Haha!"

The reporters than asked him: "You have spent 20 years for everyone to recognise your acting, so what will you be asking from the students? You wish how many time that they will spend to let others recognise their acting?" Andy quipped: "I hope our student will try their best to be themselves, act themselves, to certain extent, people will recognise you, I acted for 20 years, people then start to recognise my acting, the main reason is that I'm too handsome, thus people didn't notice of my acting, now when I'm old, not so handsome already, people then start to notice my acting. Like Anthony Wong whom claimed that his acting is better than Yuen Wah, its because he's not as handsome as Yuen Wah!"

Andy was friendly as he answered all the questions asked by reporters and agree to the audience request by singing Chinese without the music.

news from: Sina.com