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| Tuesday, July 26, 2005

This afternoon, Andy Lau's latest movie - All About Love held its first reporters visiting day since it started shooting. Reporters from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong gathers at the shooting venue - Hong Kong Cyberport.

A collaboration between Media Asia Films Ltd and Andy's Focus Films, Andy's former classmate Daniel Yu as director, other than Andy in the cast, it also includes Charlene Choi, Charlie Yeung and Mainland China's singer Allen Lin.

During the interview, the 3 actors reveal their impression of Andy. Being his first collaboration with Andy, Allen takes his hat off to Andy's professionalism. Charlene whom also first collaboration with Andy, is the most active among the three, she says: "Because Andy is my and Gillian Chung's idol, we went to watch his concerts and many of his movies, never expected that one day I could act as his wife, kissing too."

With regards to her feeling of kissing with her idol, Charlene says: "So embrassess! Afraid that he see the bad side of me, thus in order to leave a perfect impression, I had chewing gums at all times."

With regards to Charlie, although she was once the female lead in one of Andy's music video more than 10 years ago, thus it was a long time ago, she get to experience the "power" of Andy. "After shooting for 18 hours, he's still fresh, just like one superman whom need not sleep. Thus when I'm doing promotion for 7 Swords, also sleep lesser, when I feel tired, Andy's face come up infront of my face, really! Then I encourage myself to work harder!"

The Andy whom appeared to the media is still the same evergreen idol, dressed as a medical officer, still looked handsome. In the movie, he played 2 characters, a man in the novel, a fireman medical officer, prefect without flaws, a realistic man, had a sick wife, always vent his anger thus results to breakup. Andy said that actually there is no prefect man, "I've weakness, also will vent my anger." Actually there's uses for venting your anger, no matter on work or love." Andy said like an experienced man.

To Sina.com readers, Andy express his appreciation: "When I attended the Sina China awards ceremony at the beginning of the year, now half the year had passed, thanks everyone for thinking of me." For his thoughts on this movie which will be screened at the end of the year, Andy promote it this way: "If you're looking for love, come and watch my movie, Say I Love You Again (All About Love)."

news from: Sina.com