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| Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Andy Lau HK$20 million invested movie - All About Love had location shooting at Cyperport the previous night as Andy, Charlie Yeung, Charlene Choi and Mainland China actor Allen Wu were present and were arranged to be interviewed by Hong Kong and Chinese media.

Andy had a kissing scene with Charlene while dancing in the bushes, as it required several camera angles, thus a total of 6-7 NGs, every kissing lasted 2 minutes, thus a total of 10 minutes, almost all were smoothing kisses but Charlene stress that they're not frenching, she says: "The feeling is great, when I watched his movies and concerts in the past, never expected that she'll get to have close contact with him. I don't feel pressurise shooting with him, he makes one very relax, meanwhile I feel embarrasses as I'm scared of strange behaviour, like when my face is too close to his, she might have crossed eyes."

As it was all day of shooting before shooting the kissing scene, thus Charlene was worried that she will have bad breathe, thus she was eating chewing gums throughout the day, luckily they all ate chue cheong fun pior to shooting therfore everyone had the smell of chue cheong fun, thus it was described as "chue cheong fun kiss", but she didn't forget to sing praise of Andy: "He's the man to have the most male charisma. (Andy had many experiences of kissing?) Not that bad, other than kissing me, he also touches my head and hugged me, an attraction hard to resist, then I really fall in love with him, my heart was beating real fast, when he kiss me, I close my eye and it was also past midnight, I'm totally engross in it."

Before the kissing scene, both of them had a warm up by shooting a bed scene as her whole body was hugged by Andy but Charlene need not reveal any skin, comparing to the kissing scene, she says: "Kissing feels better, althought it's just shooting and not in the realistic world, but to be able to kiss with Andy in the imaginary world, I have no regrets!"

Charlie whom is a patient with heart problems was too engrossed with her character that she had a sad feeling and crying most of the times thus not as lucky as Charlene as she only have love relationship with Andy, she quipped: "I also had a bed scene, Andy accompanied me to sleep (Any kissing?) Nope, we did shot a dancing scene till day breaks, we shot for 18 hours, so romantic, a different feel!"

With regards to his "chue cheong fun kiss" with Charlene will be unforgettable for him, he quipped embarrassedly: "The smell is strange, some sweet taste from the different sauces. (Did she had crossed eyes?) I also closed my eyes when I kissed her. Talked about embarrassement, nope!"

When told that Charlie doesn't get as intimate to him when compared with Charlie, Andy says: "She has heart problems, cannot be agitated, I did research before, I also doesn't plan this!"

news from: SingPao, SingTao News, MingPao, Oriental Daily News