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| Wednesday, August 31, 2005

In the afternoon of 29 August, heavenly king Andy Lau seize some free time of his Mainland China concert tour to hold a press conference for his movie - All About Love in Shanghai.

The movie is a collaboration between Media Asia and Andy's Focus Film, directed by Andy's classmate Derek Yu, other than himself in the cast, there are one half of Twins - Charlene Choi, Charlie Yueng and Mainland China singer Allen Wu.

In the movie, Andy played 2 different character, one male from the novel, a medical firemen officer, a perfect man, a realistic man, have a sick wife, one whom always lose temper and result in breaking off. Andy express that although the 2 character of different characters, but you'll feel a transit between prefect and one with disadvantages.

Andy thinks that it's not hard to encounter crash of personality as playing the 2 characters allows him to be in a transit between romantic and reality, the difficulties in playing the 2 characters is also a challenge to him, it's a great feeling to be able to handle matters in reality and dream, you would be able to experience the prefect feeling.

It was earlier in a Hong Kong visit that Charlene talked about kissing with her idol as she feel embrasses! With Andy's actual age so much older than Charlene, he was asked if there are any funny incident when filming the kissing scene? Andy quipped: "There isn't any funny incident, I kinda enjoy it!!!!"

Andy also expressed that he and Charlene do looked like father and daughter but I thought that I get close to her thus she won't feel being distance, I also did my homework by asking my colleagues ways of getting along with younger people, we communicate well, we also get along well but when shooting starts, we become very serious and collaborate well, although I'm older but old with charisma, you don't feel my attraction?

With regards to the movie having the same name as his album, the media was curious if he did it to make it easier during promotion? Andy denied and claim that it's a concidence, as the album, radio drama, comic and movie used the same name as he hope people will use the same phrase of words to do what they wanted to do, he think that he need not explain as he only want to tell everyone "Say I Love You One More Time".

Being in showbiz for so many years, experienced many matters with human, he feel that he's using this chance to tell everyone to chersih their time and tell their loved one - "I Love You One More Time", if not they'll regret of their missed chance as one need to show care and concern to the ones by their side.

When the media talked about Anita Mui, although Andy didn't officially replied about the allegation, but from his words, Anita is a sad memory to him, he had many different person in his life, they all made me feel something meaningful, my teacher also left me last year, he changed my life, without him, all would now see the him of today, they all made me feel that I'm late telling them this phrase, they made me feel the pain when they left me, hope those whom still have the chance to say this phrase to your loved ones, seize the chance and express your love to them.

news from: ent.qq.com