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| Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Within 2 weeks, Andy Lau's latest Mandarin album - Say I Love You One More Time's sales had exceeded 1200,000 as he held his celebration party yesterday at Taipei's Grand Formosa Regent Hotel. Other than the break-ice ceremony, he also ate ice-cream fruits dessert and drank milk to celebrate the occassion, however too much sweetener was added into the milk, it was so sweet that Andy almost vomit out the milk which is a comical sight. The boss of the recording company that distribute Andy's album, East Asia's Peter Lam was also present as he quipped: "This is the first album of the company that sells more than 1000,000 copies.It's a huge success for our first collaboration with Andy, hope the sales can keep on increasing to create a great result!"

Andy thanks for everyone's support as whenever he's in Taiwan, there would be many people to see him and buy his album to show their support, he hope that this album could exceed 2500,000 copies in sale, he also announce that the comic of the same name will be released next month, the comic author was present to give him a copy of the comic and also sing praise of his "electric" eye and brain, he exclaimed that Andy is the "strongest" person that he had met.

It was Andy's first time reading the comic and he quipped that the author had many versions for him to chose from, in the end, he selected a image that doesn't look like him as he hope to let others have more space of imagination.

Andy revealed that he was approached to release the novel and movie picture book and his company was currently considering the offer.

As Korean high popularity idol Bae Yong Jun was promoting with Andy at the same time in Taiwan, he quipped: "I'm so handsome, those whom adore me will feel that I'm better looking, everybody have different taste." With regards to Bae "forever-the-same" smile, Andy quipped: "With so many people adoring him, of course he had his plus points, but I can't follow him and smile all the time as there'll be times that I'm angry and unhappy." Meanwhile, Bae had revealed that Andy was the Hong Kong male artiste that he idolise most.

Due to the current Korean craze, to catch up with the trend, Andy also bought many Korean dramas back home to watch, the titles he bought includes Jewel in the Palace (Dae Jang Gum),Full House and other titles, but he like Woman's World the most. Andy stress that before the Korean craze, he once collaborate a commerical with Lee Young Ae (Lee's first commercial) but not knowing that she's also an actress, he only feel that she's as beautiful as Lin Ching-hsia. When Lee was in Hong Kong earlier, she wanted to meet Andy, but it didn't happen due to different in time schedule.

Andy revealed that before he held his first solo concert in Hong Kong, he had already held his concert in Seoul in 1991 as more than 8,000 fans attended, however the Korean government went on to promote their own artistes and with their movies doing well, his busy schedule thus seldom went to Korea, his fan shrink to around 1000 but they still come for fan gathering and concerts in Hong Kong.

In addition, someone in Mainland China uses Eric Tsang's, Tong Chan Yip 's and his name in suggesting to hold a Supergirls competition, when told, Andy was angry and worried that female fans be cheated and clarify: "I wanted the people in China to know that that particular competition is not real!!"

news from: Sun News, Oriental Daily News, SingPao, Wei Wen Po, Ta Kung Pao