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| Thursday, August 25, 2005

Andy Lau whom couldn't believed that he looked like Mo Zi as per featured in primary school's textbook, some alleged that the picture was drawn by an Andy Lau fan, thus we decided to solve the mystery in the national library.

On the left is Andy while the right is Andy in period costume, wrong, he's China's famous philosopher - Mo Zi, they looked too alike!

TVBS reporter thought: "Andy looked like Mo Zi, is that a joke of a fan or it was really drawn by people of that time, we go to the national library for an answer!"

After spending 2 hours looking through the reference books collection, we did find some reference books with pictures of Mo Zi, no matter it's primary 6 society textbook or high school's history textbooks, the same picture was used, who draw the picture, could it be someone whom use his idol's look and draw into a historical figure? Only the publisher of the textbooks had an answer.

The spokesman of the national library resource centre says: "This version is published in 1983 which is based on the 1974 version, this is what was provided, the source of the picture is unknown!"

The picture already appeared in textbooks in 1973, which is a fact, then Andy had yet entered showbiz, Mo Zi had a face that looked like a celebrity, which is a coincidence!

Andy exclaims: "Really looked like Mo Zi, it's true, it was not drawn purposely!"

news from: TVBS News