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| Thursday, October 06, 2005

Both Andy Lau and Jackie Chan made their own comments on how to save Hong Kong's movie industry. Andy expressed that he's willing to invest a movie where Jackie, Tony Leung, Chow Yun Fat, Stephen Chow and himself in the cast, he believed that the movie would grab the world's attention. However, Andy's remarks was being label as a childish thought by Johnnie To.

Andy and Felix Wong attended RTHK programme to promote Wait 'Til You're Older, they expressed that its box office collection had exceeded HK$10 million.

Andy doesn't mind of Johnnie's remark as he said in a relax manner: "It's just a child whom don't know what he's saying, I'm also a man whom love movies." When asked if Johnnie's words had given him a blow? He says: "It's not a blow to me, it's also not an encouragment, when I suggested inviting 4 Best Actors to cast in a movie, I'm also using the topic as promotion." Andy exposed that he did meet up with Johnnie and he was warned by him not to say so much things and would rather spend the effort in acting. Andy says: "I put a lot of effort into my acting, Wait 'Til You're Older is not bad, at least it was earning money." Andy also seize the chance for some free advertisment, he quipped: "I wanted to tell Johnnie 'zai shou yi ci wo ai ni' (All About Love - his latest movie), because he has a deep love and deep responsibility."

Although his next movie, All About Love would be screened at the same time with Johnnie's new directed movie, Andy expressed that he had confidence in All About Love.

With regards to Jackie's saying that Hong Kong movie industry not to be affected by Korean stars, Andy feel strange as he doesn't mind collaborating with artistes from any countries as every artists had their own charisma, if sparks will be created during collaboration, but to reject Korean artistes, it sounds strange.

Tony express that the movie indursty must go through a downturn period as everyone should use their own abilities to help the industy, if one person produce a good movie, 5 person would produces 5 movies, in other words, there would be more business chances, he says: "No matter it's Andy or Jackie or even Johnnie's saying were for the movie industry, we must be together, hope it won't result into a quarrel. If everyone's thoughts is the same, there won't be war, if it's a workable way, it would get noticed."

Meanwhile, another best actor Leon Lai says: "Andy wanted 5 best actors to collaborate, why my name is not mentioned, of course I'm a little unhappy but the movie's topic must be loved by the audience, if the audience like them, there would be chances."

Media Asia's spokesman talks about Johnnie slamming Andy as he thinks that Andy had become clever after losing so much money, as everyone put in their efforts into movies. With regards to Media Asia fulfill Andy's dream of producing a movie with 5 best actors, it would depend on budget and if it would suffer a loss.

news from: MingPao, Oriental Daily News, SingTao News