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| Friday, October 21, 2005

Joint-invested by China's Huayi Brothers & Taihe Film Investment Co. Ltd, Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong's Sundream Motion Pictures, an ancient war epic movie directed by Jacob Chang, Mo Gong (Battle Of Wisdom) held its press conference at Beijing.

Director Jacob and the cast which include Andy Lau, Korean actors Ahn Sung-ki, Choi Si Won, Mainland China's Fan Bingbing, Wang Zhi Wen and Taiwan's Nicky Wu attended the press conference.

Jacob expressed that he prepared the movie for 10 years and the script took 4 drafts to completed as he was delighted to directed the movie with a budget of HK$124.8 million.

At the press conference, Andy was the main attraction for the media fighting to be interviewed. As his appearance created a commotion. Andy exclaimed that he thought of purchasing the copyright of the Japanese manga in 1996 after reading the manga but then his career was at a low and was in debts thus he dropped the idea. Never expected that Jacob came up with the script and handed him the lead character, he expressed that his performance would not disappoint. He quipped: "This shows that I've affinity with this movie, I believed this would be a great movie!"

Andy would be collaborating with 2 Korean actors for the first time. When Korean national treasure stature actor Ahn Sung-ki was giving out a speech, Andy tried to translate for him as all present burst into laughters. Ahn Sung-ki would be playing the role of a general, he had being cast in more than 60 movies since 1980. Meanwhile, Choi Si Won is a singer/actor.

When talked about his image for the movie, his character Ge Li in the manga was weak, dressed cheaply and balding, thus he would have some breakthrough in his skin and other areas to be as similiar as the original character in the manga. However, Andy need not shave his head for the movie as he explains that it wasn't that he refuse to shave as he already had one experience in Running On Karma but rather not required by the director. The character required him to keep a moustache with some stick-on fake moustache enhancement.

In order to do well in this character, Andy exclaim that he had worked on his physic and mental to prepare for the role. He had practice kungful and spent time reading and studied the original Mo Zi books. Andy added that he admire Mozi's anti-war spirit and hope that the movie would bring out a correct message.

With regards to his failure of getting nominated in the Golden Horse Film Awards, he hope that he could be nominated with this movie next year.

In addition, it would be Andy's first collaboration with Fan Bingbing as he openly sing praise of her, he says: "She's tagged one of the four beauties in China, her eyes are really big. (Did you get electric shock from her?) She had yet started to give me electric shock!" Fan revealed that she would have kissing scene with Andy.

Andy revealed that Feng Xiaogang had another major joint-invested movie but shooting had yet started, but he admitted that after accepting to be involved in Battle of Wisdom, he had to reject Feng's offer. He sighs: "Of course I would like to be involved but time is just enough."

news from: Ta Kung Po, Oriental Daily News, Sun News, MingPao, SingPao, SingTao News