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| Thursday, October 06, 2005

Andy Lau and Charlie Yeung was location shooting for All About Love under the hot sun, the scene narrates Andy requesting Charlie for forgiveness, thus the both of them kept running up and down the long stairs at Sheung Wan for more than 10 times.

Despite the hot weather, Andy need to wear a leather jacket and Charlie a high heel, thus after running up and down the stairs for more than 10 times, she require a foot massage after work.

When Andy need not stand in position, he would remove the jacket and stand infront of the fan. In order to keep himself happy, Andy dances as he says: "Actually I'm doing this to keep myself happy, sometimes during long period of working, one may feel frustrated, thus I'll dance to relax myself."

Andy is singing praise of Charlie with his first collaboration with Charlie, because she need to walk and cry at the same time, she don't need to cultivate her feelings before filming and she could cry immediately, even when the director shouted for Cut, she is still crying. Andy praise Charlie, he says: "When filming crying scene, I need time to cultivate my feeling, but Charlie need not as her tears flows like a tap, no wonder people said that woman are made of water!"

Andy also wanted to thanks the residents for their help for the filming to be completed successfully, he says: "As the shooting location had residents and a lot of people walking around, when filming starts we had to stop people and cars, but the residents didn't complaint as they waited for filming to end, so I have to thanks for their help."

news from: Apple Daily News