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| Monday, November 07, 2005

Johnnie To is well-known for his high expectation, most actors whom collaborate with him would be scolded by him, normally the actors would like to collaborate with him again after being scolded by him, the only exception being Jordan Chan whom was scolded by Johnnie for his working attitude during the shooting of Throw Down as Jordan openly expressed that he would not be collaborating with a director whom smoke cigars.

With regards to the comment, Johnnie says: "When I scolded an actor during filming, of course I have my reasons, I won't scold my actors for no reasons, this is the way I direct movies, my scolding is benefit to the movie and actor, take Andy Lau for example, if he didn't meet my expectation, I would also scold him. A professional actor should have a professional working attitude, I would discuss more on Jordan, anyway for what reason that I scolded him, those present would know the reason."

Johnnie is one of the few out-spoken directors in Hong Kong as he has no fear of offending anyone, take Andy and Jackie Chan's remark on saving the movie industry, he criticise them too. With regards to the current fashion of management standard, Johnnie rebulked: "I think managers pamper artistes, when one artist starts work, several assistants serve them, this might not be a good sign, when Chow Yun Fat and Andy start work in the past, they were not served by so many assistants, their working attitudes is worth learning from the current batch of actors, they work hard for their current status, why the current artistes would take over them? Because the quality of artistes are low nowadays, could not take hardship, in addition to managers arranging too many work for them, how could the artistes concentrate to do one task."

news from: Apple Daily News