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| Thursday, November 03, 2005

With Shadowless Sword, the movie which successfully attracted America's New Line Cinema to invest into Korean movie company CJ Entertainment had recently decided to produced Romance of the Three Kingdom - The Revival of the Dragon with an investment of 250,000 million won, shooting will start in June 2006. Andy Lau would be casted as Zhao Zilong and Sumo Hung as Zhang Fei.

The news would be announced this month, this would followed the footsteps of Hong Kong and Mainland China's collaboration of Hero and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon to break into the international market.

Jeong Tae-Won whom would be the chief executive director says: "Not just involved as a shareholder, also as producer, taking charge of the investment, shooting and the whole production processes."

The director would be Daniel Lee of Moonlight Express and Black Mask fame.

Romance of the Three Kingdom - The Revival of the Dragon is Daniel's big production which he prepared for 14 years, the movie will narrates how Liu Bei's wish of unifying the Three Kingdoms is accomplished by 80-years-old Zhao Zilong who leads Zhang Fei, Kwan Yu's son. The movie would be a 60 years time capsule where through the memories of Zhao Zilong to tell the audience about the Chibi battle and other famous battles.

Meanwhile, it was heard that Lee Young Ae would be accepting to star in a 24 episodes drama with a theme of anti-Japanese during the Second World War, the story would have local shooting in Hong Kong. Due to the limited time that Lee is available, she would only appear in 8 episodes. It's also alleged that Andy and Sammi Cheng would cameo in the drama but it could not be vertified as Andy was currently filming in Beijing.

news from: Wei Wen Po, SingTao News